Talents Sick and Tired of Being Asked to do ‘Stretch Projects’

business team with young entrepreneur

International technology company SpaceEight has a “world class talent management program”, according to HR director Romain Dumont.

However, upon questioning some of the ‘Talents’ claimed that it was nothing but a load of “extra hassle”.  Potential high flyer Florian Buisson said: “at first I felt special because my boss told me I was a talent, but after 5 straight years without a promotion and only a load of extra projects that I don’t really have time for, I’m pissed.  Every time I’m finished with some stupid project to redesign our future or something like that, they come with another one!  I’m through with it”.

Line Manager Robert Jones claimed that: “there are actually no promotions available because we have way too many managers already, so we just create the illusion that being a talent will lead to something.  By the time these kids realise it’s a sham, they’re too invested into the pension scheme to leave.”

www.managing-spaghetti.com.  This is satire; nothing here is true.

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