Man Spontaneously Declares Himself Competent Because He Starts Doing Something.

Businesspeople Having Argument At Workplace

In a world of complex competence management systems, employee Marcellin Bertin has had the courage to claim that he can do something and therefore is competent.

This has lead to an immense outcry and the threat of disciplinary action by his company’s HR department, who claim that they are the ones who know about competence and should be the judge of everything associated with it.

Mr. Bertin has claimed that: “I wanted to help my team go faster and I thought I could try something out.  At first my boss said, no, that I should wait for an official training.  I requested it through the HR tool and got a response saying that I could get the training in 2 years if there was budget available.  Well, I just looked on Wikipedia and found out that I could more or less figure it out, so I did it.”

It appears that his claim via LinkedIn that he had acquired a ‘new skill’ set in motion a chain reaction.  First, his boss, Jonathon Andrews , claimed that he felt uncomfortable  going against the rules, and that in spite of the new found speed, he would rather go slower to avoid any trouble.  He then escalated the matter to the HR department.

Jennifer Smith from the HR department was quick to criticise Marcellin saying on record: “who the hell does he think he is?!  We can’t just have people trying to make things better can we?  That simply undermines the need for managers and for an HR department!”

It has emerged that Marcellin has been offered a job with another company due his clear show of initiative: he plans to go for it.  This is satire; nothing here is true.


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