Man Who Wants To Solve Problems Told To Go Home


A man who desperately wants to solve a problem that will make customers happy, has a been told to clock off at 1700 sharp because there are not enough hours available on the booking code.

Meanwhile, his employer has hired an extra 1000 staff to control the spend of each department.  They are called ‘financial controllers’.  The company has claimed that the cost of control is worth it.  CFO Jim Smith said: “I need to know, on a hourly basis, whether each department is in line with its target agreements”.

Department head Frank Dengler challenged this logic stating that: “we just make up the budget anyway because it’s impossible to forecast our dynamic business environment.  The trouble is, if I don’t meet the target agreement I get fired; irrespective of whether we’re adding value or not.”

The CFO dismissed this attitude as lackadaisical, and committed to grinding the company to complete halt: “my massive bonus depends on the adherence of yearly targets”.  He failed to respond to a question about what happened if the environment changed and the targets were rendered useless.  This is satire; nothing here is true.

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