Manager Confused About Toilet Graffiti


A manager has complained about graffiti found in her regular toilet cubicle that read: “what you call management just makes my day harder”.

Career minded but lonely manager, Gretchen Schmidt, confided in her boss that she simply could not understand why anyone would not thank her for all the support she gives her team: “I check that the team are busy, I check their hours are clocked correctly, I check that they don’t drink too much coffee, I allocate them each with new pens and I make all their decisions for them, I mean, what more can I do?”

Employee John Smith simply stared at his screen with glazed eyes and said: “yes, I will do what you tell me” when questioned about the situation.

In spite of a ‘world class’ manager development program, the company has poor engagement results.  This is satire; nothing here is true.

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