Proof: End of month reporting frenzy detrimental to your health

Big data analytics has revealed a new insight into corporate life: sick days at the beginning of the month are directly linked to end of month reporting.

An AI system at a large product development company has made this correlation after data scientist Brian Watkins decided to look into staff attendance data as a joke.

45139724 - depressed business woman

Suddenly the realization hit Brian like a sledgehammer: “there’s a horrible atmosphere during the reporting days at the end of every month.  Our managers run around like headless chickens constantly reminding everybody to complete their reporting.  By the time it’s all over everyone is exhausted.  It feels like we lose 2 in every 4 weeks to this cycle.”

Interestingly, a second correlation indicates that no sensible action comes from any of this reporting and the whole thing is just a paperwork exercise to give the illusion of control and security.

The company has a low engagement level and has failed to produce innovative products in the last 5 years.  This is satire; nothing here is true.

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