Continuous Reorganization beats Continuous Improvement

Recognizing that legions of change agents promoting continuous improvements were not able to break ground for a cultural change in his company, the CEO of a large toothpaste manufacturer has taken the decision to switch to a more radical model: continuous reorganization.

Switching from the well known lean technique of “5-whys” to a blame allocation system called “5-who”, was easy.  Now, each time a blame is allocated, the “who” directly receives a department transfer notice – effective immediately.


If the problems affect a larger part of the organization, collaborative solution finding is now replaced by “Systematic Operational and Hierarchical Cleansing” (SOaHC).  This transformation basically consists of randomly reassigning all employees to new teams and launching an extensive team starter program to define new visions and strategies.

The continuously forced shifting of people has destabilized the whole company.  People often simply go to the wrong office and answer the phone with the wrong name.

Needless to say, company results have not improved.  This is satire; nothing here is true.

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