Too Many Chefs And Not Enough Cooks


A company has recognized that it currently has at least 2 managers for every 1 employee.

The realisation came after consultants were asked to understand the company’s nose diving quality, customer satisfaction and staff engagement results.  The poor results are in spite of having a swelling order books and a healthy cash flow.

The root cause: the company’s culture of recognizing individual brilliance over collective intelligence.  It appears that this has lead to hyperinflation in trumped up job titles and a rat race of people trying to be graded as ‘managers’.

“I can’t think straight”, said a production worker, “one minute my line manager tells me to do one thing, the next minute the project manager tells me to do the opposite”.

Manager and identified ‘talent’, Tom deBest said: “I know what’s best for the company, and I know that I’m right.  All I need to do is make sure my department is bigger than all the others, then I can call the shots, and get my bonus.”

The consultant’s report recommends a culture shift from the existing ego-system to a collaborative eco-system in order to meet its commitments and to secure future innovation and survival.  This is satire; nothing here is true.

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