Home office renders company completely lifeless

Following the global trend towards more workspace flexibility, a large telecommunications company has changed more thoroughly than ever expected.

The company has offered home working as a standard.  The majority of employees – bored by corporate politics and the lack of real change – have chosen to take full advantage of the proposal.


Two months later one of the few employees remaining in a deserted office building made a strange discovery. Peter Slowman was struck by the empathy displayed by his colleagues in one of their regular virtual workshops. When Peter met a former colleague for a coffee she confirmed – he had been working with emotionally enabled bots all the time.

A closer investigation revealed that more than 90% of the employees had jointly used a loophole in the home office contracts to replace themselves with an open source self-learning AI system. Productivity has reached record levels.

The home workers have meanwhile created a new startup in which they can leverage their full creative potential to build the next generation of machine learning communication interfaces.

www.managing-spaghetti.com.  This is satire; nothing here is true.

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