Diversity Initiative The Answer To BLOCKCHAIN Threat.


In line with a trend sweeping corporations across the globe, A 300 year old banking company has launched a ‘diversity’ program to help increase innovation.  The company faces an existential threat in the form of cryptocurrency.

The executive group are all white males, ranging in age from 60 to 65, were all educated at Oxford, Cambridge or Yale and come from privileged, wealthy backgrounds.

The board has stepped far outside its narrow comfort zone by hiring someone in a completely different league: a 40 year old woman from an African ethnic background, who grew up in a poor family and is openly gay.

When asked about the diversity drive, an employee simply laughed it off as: “another completely meaningless cosmetic change”.

The employee was proved right when after only 2 weeks the lady quit: she had been repeatedly asked to make tea.

By contrast, trending cryptocurreny startup, BitFliZ has a board made up from 54% women, members from 3 ethnic backgrounds and one convicted burglar turned programmer.   CEO Jade Thompson said: “we don’t care what school you went to as long as we can make cool shit together”.

www.managing-spaghetti.com.  This is satire; nothing here is true.

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