Digital Immigrants Disconnected After Update


Two years ago, a large municipal administration started an ambitious transformation program.  It introduced flexible working spaces, a “fun at work” initiative, and a social media platform.

The adoption of the social media platform was rather sluggish in the first year: the employees simply didn’t understand why they should use it.

Consequently, a performance target was set in the second year, which made the usage of the platform mandatory.

Following a public statement: “this administration has been 100% digitally transformed”, the major took the decision to unify the employee contract and social media profiles.  The update was introduced six months ago.

Recently, an unexpected side effect was uncovered.  Since a lot of employees had not followed the process, or have even never logged into the social media platform, their contracts were automatically terminated when the update went live.

Since no employee had a fixed workspace any longer, this was only detected when more and more network connections needed resetting and not one administrator could be found.

The “disconnected” employees don’t seem to mind, one of them, Richard Schultz, told a former colleague: “The contract termination is the best thing that ever happened to me. I’ve got a real nice compensation and my new job is not about tools and processes – it’s about human beings again”.  This is satire; nothing here is true.

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