Proof: Traveling not only bad for the environment


An investigation performed by the Georgia State University interviewing thousands of travelers at a major airport has now revealed: 95% of all business travel are without positive effect on the business.

Background research even revealed one company spending over 80%  of its revenues on business trips. Incentivizing travel activity as a form of agility has led to most of the employees spending their days in hotels somewhere around the globe and far from being productive.

The young startup “DoubleAction” is taking advantage of this global phenomenon.  The company is promising companies a 75% reduction of their travel cost by offering “on site lookalikes” which play the role of the businessman which would otherwise have traveled.

The “models” with the highest demand are managers and experts, for both, it turned out to be easy to find suitable candidates – sitting all day in meetings and tracking of pointless actions requires only a limited skill set.  This is satire; nothing here is true.


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