Man With Nomination Letter Fails To Attract Followers

A man given a nomination letter to run a project, has failed to attract any followers, it has emerged.

The ‘high potential future leader’ of the company, John Smith, was unilaterally nominated to run the project by the board of executives.  A move seen at the working level as deeply unpopular and symptomatic of the disconnection between ‘management’ and everyone else.

However, when John tried to form a project team, he found that no one would talk to him.

Businessman holding the project plans and showing paper

A video snapped by a colleague, caught John walking around the office saying: “I have a nomination letter and an email signature saying I am the leader.  You must come and join my team”.

Needless to say colleagues who were forced by their line managers to work with John did the bare minimum.  An employee who wanted to remain anonymous said: “If only we had been given the chance to have a say in the nomination, I might have  more engagement in the topic.  Simple things; it’s all I ask for.”  This is satire; nothing here is true.

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