Secrecy program revealed after breakdown

The CEO of a major automotive supplier has had a breakdown after a series of ‘anxiety attacks’, it has been revealed.  57-year-old Manfred Schmidt had been feeling increasingly fearful and vulnerable in the last few months.  He had lost all hope in the future and the people within his own company.

“It all started with the launch of the project ‘protect our future’ –  a measure to secure secrecy about our strategy”, said Manfred.  The project was intended to guarantee information sharing on a ‘need-to-know’ basis.


An external forensic team revealed that the project created a total blackout on all data sharing and resulted in employees being forced to talk in ushered statements such as “don’t talk about anything.”

The workers lost all understanding of their company purpose and direction. Engagement and motivation have plummeted.

The company has meanwhile been acquired by an exponentially growing communications company to act as a training camp for their growing staff. This is satire; nothing here is true.


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