Faked internal job market revealed as engagement initiative

Manfred Eckstein has been working at a large pharmaceutical conglomerate for 10 years in the same position.

In all this time, Manfred had not taken advantage of the highly advertised internal job market to look for career opportunities.

Manfred’s tasks had become repetitive and in a moment of self-reflection, Manfred decided to look for a more exciting job.  When he screened the extensive list of available opportunities, he experienced an overwhelming realization!  He suddenly understood just how damn good his current assignment really was: almost all the other jobs sounded even more boring than his current one.  He was filled with pity for his fellow colleagues.

36760667 - businessman search for dream job

When he talked with a colleague from HR about his observation, he couldn’t believe what he learned. “This is no surprise; it’s supposed to be like this. The current version of the job market is the outcome of the project ‘Engage  – don’t change‘, an HR innovation to improve engagement and morale”, his colleague told him, “we simply make all the jobs up so that people simply stay where they are”.

Now, three months later, Manfred has found his dream position – he has moved to HR to invest his creative talent into writing professionally looking yet totally disappointing job offerings.

www.managing-spaghetti.com.  This is satire; nothing here is true.

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