Work Less Stimulating Than Prison Says Ex-Con

So says reformed criminal Rodney Jones, who spent 12 months at an open prison and now works at an automotive company as an administrative assistant.

“At prison I got 3 meals in a day, I had time to reflect on things and I got to learn.  Here I just sit and watch the clock while my militant boss watches me.  It’s very painful.  The work is absolutely meaningless and could probably be done by a robot”.

Businessman or politician behind bars in prison cell.

Rodney went on to explain how the workplace seems to be about stupefying people into the minimum level of acceptable performance.  “At prison, the staff actually want to help you to get out, I have the feeling that at work, the managers just want everyone to suffer.  Maybe it’s because they suffer?  It must be very lonely being the boss”.

What about innovation?  “I tried to bring an idea for improvement once, but I was told to get back in my place.  That would never happen in jail!  I would have been given extra soup for making the guards lives easier.”

In conclusion, it seems that the traditional workplace and feudalistic system of hierarchy, is the best way to kill motivation, stifle performance and create an environment of fear, disconnection and loneliness.  No wonder global engagement is low.

If you want to thrive: go to prison.  It’s probably better for you than going to work.  This is satire; nothing here is true.

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