Spontaneous Combustion Result Of Loop Of Stupidity

An employee at a large aerospace company has finally gone insane and exploded after being exposed to years of corporate stupidity.

Pile of grey ash, dirt, sand, dust cloud, death remains

The last straw was the realisation that his innovative project was stuck in an endless loop of pointless bureaucracy.

The man, who wanted to discuss a simple but critical topic with his supplier, was blocked by a colleague in the central procurement department who needed to be sure the action was ‘authorised’.

The central procurement department insisted on asking the man’s local legal department about the authorisation, who in turn asked the employee’s managers, who simply asked the employee if it was ok!

The loop was closed.

The total lead time for this chain of unecessary bullshit cost the project 6 weeks and approximately 50k€ in wasted man hours.

Health and safety investigators have asked why was there such an inherent lack of trust placed in employees.  Employees who typically have masters degrees, and somehow manage to lives their lives without managers at home.

Rather understandably, this was the question the man asked himself before vaporising in a ball of hot gas.  All that was left was a puff of ash and some tears of joy evaporating into the ether.

www.managing-spaghetti.com.  This is satire; nothing here is true.


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