Managing-Spaghetti.com is a satire (fake) news site – this means that all the stories are for entertainment purposes and are not true.

Satire can open the mind; it can allow the unsayable to be said.

We believe that employees, managers and CEOs suffer in the workplace due to outdated management beliefs and practices.

This site pokes fun at the sort of things that go on in companies that use these outdated practices: it is based on real and current experience.

Satire is used here as a tool to provoke thought about how ridiculous some of these practices, behaviours and beliefs are.  The objective: to help people realise through laughter, that there could be more modern and humane ways to do things and to be together.

We are inspired by:

Why Spaghetti?  Life is complex; culture is complex; a plate of spaghetti is complex.  If you were to pull out a single thread of spaghetti from a plate of spaghetti it would never happen in the same way twice; just like trying to control and manage people.  The idea that excellent management and leadership can achieved by applying simple and classical hierarchical methods and processes is, in our opinion, questionable.

What’s the alternative?  Sensing the right thing to do based on the moment and common sense values?  What about treating people as humans instead of process?